Recording, Mixing Engineer & Producer

I am a freelance producer, mixing, and recording engineer based in Berlin. For years I have been heavily involved in the underground indie and rock ‘n’ roll scene in the city, working as a touring guitarist throughout Europe.
This has included opening for bands such as Beatsteaks, Dropkick Murphys, The Sonics, amongst others.


Since 2010 I have been and continue to be a central member of the in-house staff at TRIXX Studios in Berlin.

This has meant engineering sessions for artists like Robb Flynn (Machine Head), Brockhampton, and, most recently, Grammy award-winning Billie Eilish.

In recent years, I have been more focused on producing independent bands in the city whose music I find interesting.


Billie Eilish, May The Muse, The Wake Woods, Westhafen, Machine Head, Prong, J.Mascis, Max Richter, Brockhampton, Juice WRLD,The Chainsmokers, Smokepurpp, Trippie Redd, Lil Mosey, LunchMoney Lewis, Little Dragon, Max Prosa, U3000, Pete Boyd Smith Saint Lu, Rea Garvey, Andy Chatterley, Nick Howard, Alvaro Soler, Dan Bodan,Max Giesinger, Hal Tsuchida, Torsten Goods, Julia Neigel, Jana Pallaske, Moa Mckay & The Flying Cabaret, The Flavians, Ponte Pilas, The Graves, One Week Wonder, Los Espiritus, BIMM Berlin, Kilian & Jo ft Erik Rapp, Kaind, Raury/Lion Babe, Jennifer Akermann, The Metafiction Cabaret, Wires & Lights,  Anne Haight, Mic Donet, Molotow Brass Orchestra, Berlin Metropole Orchestra, Deers/Hinds, Easter, VizeDiktator, Converse Rubber Tracks, Berlin Blackouts, The Say Highs, Paris suit yourself, Schwarz don´t crack,  Dj Kaos, Stahlmann, David Rothenberg, Buttering Trio, Shana, Odno no, Boombox, Transylvania, Deaths, Raputation TV, Ben Bazzazian, Haftbefehl, Afrob, Karate Andy, Luciano, VICE, NETFLIX, Amazon Music, Comedy Central.


Mixing, Recording Engineer

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 Moa Mckay 

Selected Discography

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The Graves

Production, Mixing, Recording

   Strand Child

Production, Mixing, Recording

Max Prosa

Vocal production, Mixing, Master

Recording Engineer

Wires & Lights

Mixing, Recording Engineer

Fabienne Noblé

Carl Fungus


Mixing Engineer

Molly´s Peck

Mixing, Master

The Flavians

Production, Mixing, Recording

Berlin Blackouts

Mixing, Recording Engineer

Production, Mixing, Recording

At TRIXX Studios I Engineered sessions for:


Production, Mixing, Recording



One Week Wonder

Production, Mixing, Recording

Production, Recording Engineer


The first step is simply to get in touch and to meet me in person. I am always interested in hearing new artists and discussing potential collaborations. The fact that you have booked a recording studio also doesn't mean you are tied to using their staff engineer. You may wish to bring in your own person and, in this case, with a great deal of experience in both analog and digital domains, I can be a great option.


If you’d like to contact me, please email info@fabiobuemi-music.com or use the form below.


I believe making records should be memorable. You will remember this experience for the rest of your life and the process will influence the music you are trying to capture. Therefore, I have been working to develop a more personal and interesting approach for artists I work with.


Able to make a record anywhere that has power, from churches to rehearsal rooms to abandoned factories, I love to include the space as a vital part of a record’s sound. With professional equipment and a passion for making each recording a unique and rewarding experience, I ensure the highest quality of product from each session.


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