Prepare your mix:

  • Before sending your files, please provide as many mix notes as possible regarding your production, and reference links to songs you'd like the mix to sound. 

  • Please send  WAV or AIFF files with a sample rate of 44.1 up to 96 kHz. These should be bounced from bar one and all be the same length and the same sample rate.

  • Please supply multi-track files dry, without reverb or effects. But, if you feel that a specific effect, processing, or creative element is an integral part of the sound then please leave it as it is. If you are unsure about it provide a Dry and Wet file.

Editing and Tuning:

  • Beat detective, Vocal tuning, Noise reductions, and various editing tasks can be done for an extra charge.

Uploading your files:

  • Please use Wetransfer or similar for file exchange. 

Receiving your mix:

  • As soon as I finished I will send you a copy of the mix for reference. 

  • Up to three revisions for no extra charge.

  • When you approved a final version of the mix you will receive the stereo mix of your song in high resolution.


  • 50 % of the total amount is paid upfront.

  • Once the mix is completely finished and you are happy with the result, you make the remaining payment.

  • You can use bank transfer or PayPal for payment.


Fabio Buemi - Mixing Engineer Berlin